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SPI Service Rates

Civil Process Service Rates For:
(Monroe County, NY)
Standard Service Rates                                                                  $50.00
Priority Service Rates                                                                      $65.00
Immediate Service Rates                                                                $80.00
Additional Document Service Rates                                                $25.00
New Address/Field Locate                                                               $20.00
(Received on same person/entity) 

Civil Process Service Rates for Surrounding Counties of:
(Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans & Wayne)

Standard Service Rates                                                                  $75.00
Priority/Immediate Service Rates                                                    Rates Available Upon Request
(Outside major cities may incur mileage Fees)
Mileage Fees            (Round Trip per Attempt)                               $.50 per mile

Nationwide/International Service Rates

Standard Service Rates                                                                  $100.00
Priority Service Rates                                                                      $125.00
Immediate Service Rates                                                                $150.00

International Service Rates                                     

Rates Available Upon Request
*(Service covers most cities - Call for details)

Document Service Rates

Citations                                                                                           $10.00
Subpoenas                                                                                       $15.00
Motion for Substitute Service 106/536                                             $25.00

Court House Filing Service Rates

Standard Service Filing (2-3 Days)                                                 $15.00
Priority/Immediate Service Filing (Same Day if Possible)               $30.00
Walk Thru Filing Service Filing (Per Hour)                                      $40.00

Document Recovery Service Rates

Standard Recovery Service in SPI County                                     $30.00 + (Copy Fee)
Priority/Immediate Service in SPI County            (ASAP)               $20.00 Additional
Per Page Copy Fee                         Federal Courts                       $.75
                                                         Most State Courts                  $1.25
Service in Non SPI County                                                              Rates Available Upon Request

Legal Research Service Rates

Legal Research Fees (Per Hour)                                                   $40.00
(Per Hour with a 1 Hour Minimum)

Skip Tracing Service Rates
Locate Defendant/Witness Service Rates (Per Hour)                  $50.00
(Per Hour with a 1 Hour Minimum)

Sitting & Waiting Hourly Fees

(Per Hour with a 1 Hour Minimum)                                                $50.00